Benson’s Plan for Secretary of State

“The people of Michigan deserve a Secretary of State who works as hard as they do. No one should have to spend more than 30 minutes to renew their drivers license, register their vehicle or cast a ballot. We need to show the hardworking people of Michigan that their time matters. They have the right to demand results and we are prepared to deliver them.”

thirty minute guarantee


Benson will work to establish a 30-Minute Guarantee: an expectation that no one, no matter where they live, should have to wait more than 30 minutes to renew their driver’s license, register their vehicle or cast a ballot.

ban fee increases


Benson will be an advocate against fee increases that have hit Michigan families hard in recent years. When it comes to pocketbook issues, she has a proven track record.  As dean of the Wayne State University Law School, she froze tuition and significantly increased scholarship funding to make law school more affordable and accessible to all students.

election security


Benson’s vision is to make Michigan a national model in election security. She will ensure that voting remains a sacred right and that every legitimate vote is counted. Benson, who has developed and supervised three election protection efforts in Michigan, will toughen penalties for those who commit election fraud and voter intimidation.  And she will lead an effort to protect our elections from the threat of computer hacking, tampering, and manipulation.

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protecting voting rights


Benson will work to ensure the voting rights of every citizen are protected. Voters should be able to vote early or by absentee ballot without having to give a reason, just as they do in dozens of other states. As Secretary of State, Benson will ensure voters who want to cast a ballot can do so with ease, and without intimidation.

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ethics and transparency


Among the 50 states, Michigan is dead last in government transparency and accountability. Benson will champion reforms that will make Michigan one of the best states in the nation, shining a light on the secret money flowing into our election process by requiring instant disclosure of all political and lobbying money.

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“For too long, our voices have been overshadowed by special interests. People deserve a state government that is transparent and accountable, a secure democracy that is based upon fair and honest elections, and efficient customer service from government. As Michigan’s Secretary of State, I will work on behalf of all our citizens every day to ensure they come first.”