Democratic Secretary Of State Candidate In Northern Michigan

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The democratic candidate for Secretary of State was in Northern Michigan on Wednesday explaining her plan if she wins this election.

Jocelyn Benson was just endorsed by Traverse City Mayor Jim Carruthers and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Benson says Secretary of State is the chief advocate for voters and drivers in the state.

She believes her more than a decade of experience as a national leader in election law and administration, former dean of Wayne State University and former military wife — brings a lot to the table.

“It provides us an opportunity to interact with more citizens than any other office to make sure that government is run well, efficiently, that we’re getting people in and out of branch offices in 30 minutes or less as I have pledged to do and that we’re making sure our democracy is one that embraces all voices and protects and secures the process,” said Benson.

There are still three republicans in the running against Benson.

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